Renowned Quality and Service

For over 65 years we’ve provided our customers with most innovative choices in floor coverings.  Today that means a wide-variety of flooring options: hardwood to concrete, carpet to vinyl.

As a family-run business for 3 generations, our decades of experience combined with a one-stop shop means our customers get all their flooring needs met . . . done right and always done on time.

Polished Concrete

Stunning, durable and LEED approved, our polished concrete process gives you a myriad of choices for lasting beauty for new concrete or retrofits.


Need new floors?  Maybe not.  Our unique restoration process can often renew and beautify your older flooring, saving you time and money.


Carpets that are exquisite; hardwoods and laminate that are impressive and durable; and functional vinyls that are still highly attractive.  With hundreds of choices, we have the exact right flooring for you.

Moisture Mitigation

Quick project?  Little time for concrete drying?  Our moisture mitigation process can save the day and preserves your warranty with flooring manufacturers.


Every business is different and we recognize that your flooring needs are unique.  At Anderson, we sit down with you to fully understand both your flooring needs and your business needs.

Then we apply our decades of experience to help you achieve the right balance of beauty and durability, to meet the particular challenges of your commercial space.

Finally, because we are vertically integrated, we can be with you from the time you have an idea for the project to long after the install is completed, giving you a stress-free experience.  As one of our long-standing customers said,  “We don’t worry about you guys.”


Consider us your one-stop shop and take advantage of all or some of our services:

  • Budgeting and Estimating Assistance

  • Design Recommendations

  • 10,000 sq. ft. Showroom

  • Value Engineering

  • Access to Hundreds of Manufacturers

  • Scale Pricing For Any Job Size

  • Large Job Financing

  • In-House Installers – We Don’t Use Subs

  • Full-Time Safety Officer

  • Dedicated Quality Control Team

  • Training for Your In-house Maintenance Team

  • Supply Warehousing

  • Emergency Services



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1501 Silica Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95815
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