Ok, it’s not something that wows customers today, but in 1954 it was as high-tech a floor product as you could install. That was the year that the Linoleum Sales Company began.

Just a few years later, we bought the Anderson Carpet Company and became Anderson Carpet and Linoleum.  Since then, three generations have helped make the company the largest commercial flooring installer in the Bay Area.

Today we are Anderson Commercial Flooring.

We’ve come a long way since then, installing enough flooring to cover an entire state, (We are going with Rhode Island on this one.)  Yet, we have never wavered from our core principles: Provide a quality product; deliver on what we promise; exceed our customers’ expectations; and package it in a worry-free experience. 

We’re a family-owned business, so when you work with Anderson, you’ll be treated just like one of our family.  No matter what your needs or how tight your deadlines, we’ll take care of you.  We’ve got your back.  And we promise we’ll never pull the rug out from under you . . . unless you’ve already ordered new hardwood flooring. 


Family     Integrity     Loyalty     Community     Teamwork

Why have many of our customers been with us for decades and why do we have multiple generations of employees working at Anderson Commercial Flooring?  It’s our values; values that have carried us for over 50 years; values that never waiver.  You’ve already ordered new hardwood flooring. 

We treat our employees, our customers and our community like family.  We say yes when we can and we always deliver on our commitments.  We help out when others won’t and we meet deadlines that others can’t.  Treating others like family has made us a market leader, and we are grateful. So when the dust has settled, and the final product is in place, we are proud of the work we’ve done; work that would make anyone happy . . . even our Mom.


Tom Christophe


When Tom was 10 years old he was cleaning floors at Anderson.  At 16, he was making deliveries.  Today, 30 years later, he runs our company.  As the second generation to lead Anderson, he learned the business from his Dad, “Chris” Christophe, a hard-working guy who worked 3 jobs simultaneously before he purchased Anderson and started it on its path of growth.  Tom is immensely proud of 3 things: That he’s a 50 year season ticket holder of the Forty-Niners and was there for “The Catch”; his golf handicap of 10 even though the first time he played the game, he teed off and barely missed hitting the starter; and finally his family which he considers both the people helping run the business, but also the customers who have been with Anderson for many years.


Joe Christophe
Vice President


Last year, Joe, who is our third generation of leadership, went on a fishing trip to Alaska.  Joe had never been fishing before.  Joe caught an old boot.  Joe caught a cold.  Oh, and Joe caught some nice Alaskan salmon.  Which perfectly describes Joe’s role at Anderson; keeping us on the cutting edge and trying new things that we may never have done before, but we know will ultimately be of significant value to our customers. Joe is a great listener and is always looking for that “aha!” moment which will become the next great breakthrough.  Like his Father, he is a die-hard Niners fan, a single-handicap golfer and family-man, where for 10-12 hours a day Anderson is his family and his home.

Andrei Wallace
VP of Sales

Andrei’s last name is not Christophe, yet Anderson is still the only company he has ever worked for.  He’s been with us for 34 years, and he too is family.  Andrei loves interacting with customers and following a job from beginning to end.  His ultimate reward is taking stress off customers and solving their seemingly insolvable problems.  In his spare time, Andrei mentors High School athletes.  He’s an avid outdoorsman and enjoys traveling. And every year you can catch him at Spring Training.

Steve Christophe
Regional Manager

When Steve was in High School he started working at Anderson part-time. Though he was often given the jobs nobody else wanted to do, he saw it as an opportunity, a chance to learn the business from the ground up.  In 2009, he was tasked with opening our Sacramento office, where he quickly set a standard of quality.  Despite the Great Recession, Anderson flourished in Sacramento and has quickly become a premier provider.   Steve has two young children, so his weekends are filled with coaching softball, Girl Scouts and tending to his vegetable garden.

Eddie Miller
South Bay Regional Manager

Eddie is the “new kid on the block” having been at Anderson a mere 5 years.  He loves helping people plan their flooring projects, even if it’s not an Anderson job because he knows eventually they will become part of the Anderson family.  Before joining Anderson, Eddie was a professional basketball player having started his basketball career at UC Berkeley and then playing internationally for a number of years.  Today, he still plays in pickup games and is an avid Warriors fan.

Bob Mullarkey
Chief Financial Officer

As our CFO, Bob keeps Anderson financially strong and has for his 20 years with the company.  It’s with his help that we have an excellent bonding capacity with an aggregate capacity of $40 million.  Bob not only goes the distance at work, but also in his spare time having run two marathons in the last 5 years, both while over the age of 50.  Married for 36 years with 3 children, Bob recently welcomed his first two grandchildren into the family.

Pete Andrea
Polished Concrete Division Mgr.

Pete has been with Anderson for over a decade and runs our Concrete Division.  When Pete is not hard at work, he coaches underprivileged kids through AAU leagues.  Over the last 14 years, Pete has coached baseball, basketball and flag-football making a significant difference in children’s lives.  Pete has been married for 29 years and has two children of his own, both of whom are competitive swimmers.



When our family patriarch, Armand Christophe, started his flooring company over 50 years ago it was the community that helped make him successful.  We have never forgotten that.  Today Anderson Commerical Flooring has deep roots in the community.

Every year we donate time and money to both Habitat for Humanity and Rebuilding Together.  Our employees are also encouraged to participate and many put in long volunteer hours helping to build our communities through these fine organizations.

For the last 20 years we have hosted an annual golf tournament, each year raising more than $20,000 for non-profits like the Lazarex Cancer Foundation and the Nicholas Colby Fund.

Finally, we run a joint apprenticeship program with our Unions, financially supporting the training and growth of future installation professionals.



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