Award Winning Services

We offer hundreds of products to fit your unique needs.  Yet it’s our installation that sets us apart from all the rest.  Unlike many of our competitors, we never use sub-contractors.  Your Anderson install team is filled with Anderson trained specialists, ensuring that you get consistent quality throughout the process.  Our crew supervisors all have more than 20 years experience.  Finally, we have a QA team who reviews every job throughout the process, giving you the confidence that you’ll always get a perfect and timely install with Anderson.

Polished Concrete

Stunning, durable and LEED approved, our polished concrete process gives you a myriad of choices for lasting beauty for new concrete or retrofits.


Carpets that are exquisite; hardwoods and laminate that are impressive and durable; and functional vinyls that are still highly attractive.  With hundreds of choices, we have the exact right flooring for you.


Need new floors?  Maybe not.  Our unique restoration process can often renew and beautify your older flooring, saving you time and money.

Moisture Mitigation

Quick project?  Little time for concrete drying?  Our moisture mitigation process can save the day and preserves your warranty with flooring manufacturers.


Flooring is often the last item on your project list and a critical path task.  A flooring company which doesn’t deliver on its promises can delay your entire project.  Do you really need that kind of worry?  At Anderson Commercial Flooring, our 50 years of experience and well-established supplier relationships allow us to say “Yes!” when others can’t and to consistently deliver on-time when others won’t.

Along with quality flooring, with Anderson you get:

  • Budgeting and Estimating Services
  • Dedicated Quality Control Team
  • Value Engineering
  • Large Scale Financing
  • Full time safety officer
  • Scale pricing
  • In-house installers

(We don’t use subs)

Perhaps you think we just sell flooring.  We think we sell peace of mind.


When you hire us, we always ask ourselves, “How would we do this job if it were our building.”  Then that’s exactly how we do it.   Which is why you’ll always get a job that best serves your business and causes you the least amount of disruption.  With Anderson, you can count on us to:

  • Handle the job from soup to nuts.
  • Help you with design
  • Provide budgeting help
  • Pre-plan safety procedures to keep your employees safe and comfortable.
  • Background check and drug test all our employees
  • Offer 24/7 service
  • Ensure each crew has a OSHA 30 and CPR certified team member
  • Work nights and weekends if necessary.
  • Supply warranties
  • Stock supplies for ongoing jobs
  • Provide training for in-house maintenance


If you’re dealing with a manufacturer’s rep or a smaller flooring contractor, you may find that they have limited product choices.  The recommendations they give you are what’s good for their business.  But are they the best choices for your client?

That’s why we deal with dozens and dozens of different manufacturers and have hundreds of product choices.  We think the product you choose should be right for you and your client, not right for us. As you flooring partner, we work with you to find the product that fits your client’s exact needs.   Here’s how we do it:

  • 10,000 sq. ft. showroom open to you and your clients
  • Accurate budgeting assistance which includes labor costs
  • Superior product knowledge, easy availability and samples
  • Quality control throughout the length of the project

Flooring is a critical part of your project.  Wouldn’t you like it to run smoothly and be worry-free?  At Anderson, we’ve got you covered.


For more than half a century, the Anderson name has been synonymous with quality.  Our customers know that no matter what products they need, the installation will meet or exceed even the highest standards.  So how do we do it?

Initial Training Each of our installers goes through the Union Apprenticeship program. Once complete, each installer goes through our Anderson on site training before they can be called an Anderson Installer.

Ongoing TrainingOur seasoned installers are required to attend classes and seminars regularly in order to learn about the most recent technologies and products. At Anderson, we are always on the cutting edge of the latest trends and new techniques.

Quality ControlEach of our job sites has a foreman who walks the project every day, ensuring that the work done to that point exceeds not only industry expectations, but our own high standards as well. 

LeadershipEvery one of our Superintendents has more than 20 years of installation experience.  No matter what your job, we’ve seen it before and we’ve done it before. Learning takes place on our dime, not yours.  

It’s easy for a company to say they offer high quality.  But the proof is in longevity. With customers who have been with us for decades, we believe we have earned our slogan, “A Reputation You Can Stand On”.